Welcome to Greystone Studios, the online home of artist Chandra Reyer.

... if you like fun, kidsí comics, itís a joy.-Michael May, Comic Book Resources on Cosmosaurs: Search for the Hovercat #1

You can find out more about Cosmosaurs on our new sites Cosmosaurs.com or IDrawDinos.com

Cosmosaurs-Search for the Hovercat #2 is now available for ordering. Or you can pick it up from me in person if you see me at a convention. This is an all-ages comic based on ideas from my six-year-old daughter (who has since turned seven) and what kind of comic book she'd like to see. Be sure to check it out! The first issue: Cosmosaurs #1 is still available.

We have an Etsy shop for some of our prints in addition to the store here. Currently sold out

Greystone Studios would like to welcome to our fold the ever merciful and life-saving graphic designer and colorist Jennifer Nolan. If you're one of the lucky ones, you'll be able to see her work in the Womanthology: Holiday PDF and the Womanthology: Valentine PDF coloring my little drawings!

Be sure to check out IDW's Womanthology: Heroic. My art can be found in the companion Womanthology Sketchbook

Greystone Studios comics are sold at The Source Comics and Games.